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BalancedComp is a compensation managment platform for financial institutions.

I worked with BalancedComp to build a number of features including: CSV import/sync system, data aggregation system for complex analytics, performance enhancements and numerous other features in Rails 3

Technologies: Ruby, Rails 3, Postgres, jQuery, Coffeescript, HAML hosted on Heroku

BalancedComp Homepage


Alice.com is a CPG ecommerce platform founded in 2008.

As a member of the founding engineering team, I helped build 7 large ruby apps in 2 years. Some notable projects include: ecommerce website, product manager, reporting system, advertising platform, HTML email deployment system, API development and wrappers: Facebook API, GoodGuide API, local APIs for 3rd parties.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails 2.3, Sinatra, MySQL, jQuery, Open Flash Chart

Alice.com Homepage

Racks to Reels

Racks to Reels is a social photo-sharing site for outdoorsmen.

As the lead developer on the project, I helped build the entire social networking platform, construct the entire feature set, configure the search engine and manage Jr developers. I also contributed heavily to product development and strategic planning.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails 3, Postgres, Elasticsearch, S3, HAML hosted on Heroku

Racks to Reels Homepage


Faculte is an E-learning platform for creating dynamic and interesting classes and presentations.

As the Lead Developer, I built an Analytics product to show video heatmap densities as well user/view geolocation. I also managed a remote team in Romania and led the development of an HTML5-based application

Technologies: Ruby, Rails 3, MySQL, jQuery, HAML, Highcharts, Jvector Maps hosted on EC2

Faculte Homepage


TargetMobi is a mobile CRM Platform that leverages SMS to maintain customer relationships.

As a co-founder of TargetMobi, I helped concept, design, build and deploy the entire platform. I also setup the entire server environment from scratch on Linode.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails 3, MySQL, jQuery, Tropo API for SMS's hosted on Linode VPS

TargetMobi Homepage


Kidville is a global chain of kids play centers.

As a contractor, I helped them completely rebuild their CMS/platform in Rails 3 from the ground up. I also rebuilt their shopping cart and integrated it into the MindBodyOnline Booking API. I built a SOAP API wrapper to accomplish this. The code is located here.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails 3, MySQL, jQuery, SOAP hosted on EngineYard

Kidville.com Homepage

About Me

Software craftsman in constant pursuit of quality engineering and solutions
Nick is a senior developer based in Ann Arbor, MI. He has core experience in Programming, Devops and Product Development with specialization in Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Postgres and JS. Some of the domains where he has the most experience: Data intensive applications, Ecommerce, prototyping, Saas, Social API's, Analytics, Finance and Health IT but can handle pretty much anything.

Nick's Github profile can be found here.


For project inquiries please send an email to: projects@featlabs.com.